Welcome to the 10th edition of the International Contemporary Circus Market (MICC) from July 8th to 11th, 2024, in Montreal! Here you will find practical and useful information to prepare for your attendance at the Annual Market with peace of mind.



What documents are required if I am coming from outside of Canada? 

The MICC team recommends that you inquire about visa requirements based on your nationality to enter Canada: be mindful of processing times for visa applications!

You will need (unless specific exemptions apply) a valid individual passport and an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to be obtained online before departure, exclusively on the dedicated website ($7).

The MICC team warns you about fraudulent websites that may appear first when searching for "eTA Canada" and charge much higher fees. The eTA is valid for 5 years.

Before traveling, check the website of the Canadian Embassy in your country to stay informed of the latest measures.

Remember to scan your passport, payment card, plane tickets, and hotel vouchers. Then, you can email them to yourself to keep a digital record. In case of loss or theft, it will be easier to expedite administrative procedures.


How to pay on-site? 

Before heading to Canada, we advise you to inquire about international options associated with your bank card. Exchange your currency beforehand to avoid commissions from airport currency exchange bureaus.

If you plan to withdraw cash from ATMs, it's highly recommended to inform your bank before your departure to prevent your card from being blocked due to suspected fraud.

In Quebec, there are two types of taxes: the federal Goods and Services Tax (GST 5%) and the Quebec Sales Tax (QST 9.975%). A 3.5% accommodation tax per night is also applicable. Note that prices displayed are exclusive of taxes.

It is customary to tip restaurant and bar servers 15% of the bill before taxes. Bellhops at hotels typically receive $2 per suitcase. You should also tip taxi drivers. Depending on the distance traveled and the quality of service, leave between $1 and $3 in addition to the fare.




What is the climate like in Montreal?

Montreal summers are typically very hot, with temperatures ranging between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius in July. Fortunately, you'll find air conditioning in transportation (metro) and shopping centers.



How do I manage my communications?

In Quebec, most hotels, restaurants, bars, and public spaces offer free Wi-Fi.

TOHU provides free public Wi-Fi on-site (TOHU_visiteurs). Montreal has free municipal Wi-Fi in certain public places (MTLWiFi).

For telephone calls, the country code for Canada is +1.

Calls outside of Canada: dial 0 + 11 (to exit Canada) + country code + number.

For example, to call Belgium: 0 + 11 + 32 + city code + number.




How do I get around Montreal?


To use the bus or metro, you can purchase a single trip ticket for $3.75. Alternatively, you can buy an OPUS card for $6 and then load it with a multi-trip pass, a daily pass (you must purchase this pass if you plan to take the 747 bus to/from the airport), or a multi-day pass. The card can be purchased from station agents or via ticket vending machines in metro stations.

Single trips include a metro-bus transfer and are valid for 2 hours.

Find schedules here or you can download the app Transit.



Download the BIXI app to use the bike-sharing service, which is very accessible, safe, and often faster than any other mode of transportation. Expect to pay $1.35 to unlock the bike and then 20 cents per minute.



Charging stations are available around the TOHU and throughout the city. Locate them on the interactive map.







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